Gateway’s New Dolby Atmos Cinema + Star Wars Giveaway

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Gateway's New Dolby Atmos Cinema + Giveaway

I was invited to the special screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Gateway Mall’s Dolby Atmos Cinema last December 16, 2015. It’s the perfect movie to watch at Dolby Atmos because of the cinema’s revolutionary audio platform which makes the audio three dimensional. Dolby Atmos has the most number of speakers compared to regular theaters. It makes use of a 53.5 sound system – 53 individual surround channels and 5 subwoofers. Each speaker is powered independently and gets its own separate audio feed.

The Dolby Atmos technology gives content creators unprecedented control of the placement and movement of sound within the movie theater. Sounds can be placed and moved anywhere in the cinema’s three-dimensional space. The Dolby Atmos Cinema processor then determines which of the cinema’s huge array of front, back, side, and overhead speakers it will use to recreate this lifelike movement.

Gateway's New Dolby Atmos Cinema + Giveaway

Gateway's New Dolby Atmos Cinema + Giveaway

“We are very excited to screen Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Gateway Dolby Atmos Cinema 5. With its revolutionary sound technology, the theater will be filled with breathtaking audio and the audience will feel like they are inside the Star Wars universe. This will be a fantastic and world-class movie experience not just for Star Wars fans but for the whole family,” says Araneta Group CEO Jorge Araneta.

Gateway's New Dolby Atmos Cinema + Giveaway

Well my Star Wars: The Force Awakens experience was truly memorable not only because it is a great movie but also because of the crisp audio that only Dolby Atmos can provide. I encourage you to watch Star Wars in Gateway’s Dolby Atmos too.

I’m giving away a Star Wars pillow to a lucky reader of Mukhang Pera. Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway is for Philippine residents only. Giveaway ends on January 20, 2016 at midnight.

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