EaseUS System GoBack Review (Windows)

August 13, 2015 at 3:54 pm Featured Articles, Reviews

Halt! Before you upgrade your Windows computer to Windows 10, give this post a quick read. I have a lot of friends who recently upgraded to Windows 10 and they are running into some problems with it, mostly because the drivers for a lot of their hardware haven’t been rolled out yet. Some have even lost important data in their computers. Now they’re feeling helpless because they feel like they can’t do anything about it.

There is an easy solution to this though. EaseUS System GoBack will protect your Windows 10 upgrade (and your sanity) by allowing you to go back to your previous Windows Operating System. It also allows you to restore old applications and games with only 1 click! You know what’s best about this? The software is FREE!

How To Install EaseUS System Go Back

1. Download the software from EaseUS here.

2. Install Windows 10.

3. Install EaseUS System GoBack.

EaseUS System GoBack Review (Windows)

4. Click “OK”

EaseUS System GoBack Review (Windows)

5. Click “Reboot”

EaseUS System GoBack Review (Windows)

6. Open System GoBack and follow the wizard to create a backup Windows partition

7. When you need your old operation system, simply click “Go Back” in System GoBack


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