Freebie: How to build your own Hackintosh

December 13, 2011 at 10:00 am Freebies


Do you want to use Mac but don’t have the money the buy an Apple computer? This freebie from MakeUseOf might come in handy.

A Hackintosh PC, as the name would suggest, is a vanilla PC (built by you or a retailer other than Apple) running a hacked (or patched) version of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. OS X is specifically designed to run on Apple’s hardware line; a Hackintosh is simply non-Apple hardware using the operating system.

Although Apple opposes the practice of hijacking their OS for use on off-brand PCs, many technology-oriented people who don’t want to buy the hardware from Apple choose to spend a lot of time and effort in creating a Hackintosh.

It’s not easy by any means, but this guide explains to you what’s needed to get OS X running without a Mac.

This free guide shows you:

  • Where to research whether your computer can run OS X
  • Where to buy OS X compatible hardware
  • Patching OS X to install on your computer
  • Installing updates without breaking you OS X installation
  • Dual-booting Windows and OS X
  • Getting to know OS X, and finding tools to use in it

To get the free ebook, head over to this page, share it using the buttons on the page, and enter “makeuseof” at the prompt. Right click on “Download Link” and save the PDF in your computer.

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