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July 29, 2011 at 9:36 pm Announcements, Blog News, Featured Articles

It's not about the money

I started this blog having no particular direction. At first I posted about how to make money but I’m not really making money online so who am I to give advice on that? After awhile I just ignored mukhangpera.com until several months after when I decided to focus mostly on contests and promos. I’m more interested in the two than blogging about making money.

I blogged, and still am blogging, about contests, deals, freebies, etc. I find online or learn through friends. I also host my own contests with prizes from my own pockets or from some of the stuff I get when I attend events. It is only now that sponsors are approaching me and offering prizes for my readers.

I’m still hardly earning anything from MukhangPera.com but this blog has earned a loyal following which I really appreciate. This blog has suddenly become a tool for sharing what I find online. I join some of the contests I post here. But mostly I just want to share them to my readers. I love the feedback some of you leave me saying that you won so-and-so contest because you learned about it here. Those feedback reaffirms that I’m doing a good job and make me want to be a better blogger.

Sadly, I found out today that bloggers need to have a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) permit to hold blog contests. Now that I’m beginning to hold more contests of my own instead of just posting about them, the new policy (?) is a big blow to this blog. I can’t afford to shell out P1,000 to file for a contest with the DTI. Not only that, I will have to get a mayor’s permit and other permits. The DTI FAQ page doesn’t say how much I would be taxed if I want to hold a contest open worldwide. Besides that, it is possible that DTI might come after this blog because of all of the contests I’m posting. They might construe it that I’m advertising those contests when in actuality I am just sharing information.

This is just a new development but a disturbing one for this niche blog of mine. This is the reason why I ended the PDF to Word Converter Giveaway I’m holding (BTW, congratulations to the winners! I emailed you guys, already. If you want to find out who won, just go to the contest page and wait for the Rafflecopter script to load). I might have to lie low until my friends and I get to talk to DTI about the blogging situation.

This really makes me sad but I know that all of my readers support me.

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