Help Good Cheetahs Win The Ultimate Inca Encounter

April 13, 2011 at 5:00 pm Announcements

Good Cheetahs members

I got an email from Angie Zafra, an avid reader! She and her classmates in UP Mindanao Masters in Management formed a group for the contest by Intepid: The Ultimate Inca Encounter. Their team is called Good Cheetahs and they are the only Filipino team in contention. They are currently in the 3rd place spot and they need your help. Help bring your fellow Mukhang Pera readers to Pero by voting for the team HERE. All you have to do is press the vote button!

Here’s a short video Angie made introducing Good Cheetahs.


Good luck, Good Cheetahs! Make your countrymen proud!

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