Contest: Invest It Wisely 1st Anniversary Contest with over $450-worth of prizes

April 4, 2011 at 5:00 pm Contests, Worldwide


Invest It Wisely is celebrating its successful blog and they’re only 1 year old! So to celebrate their anniversary, they are giving away over $450-worth of prizes.


Prize Blog name
#1 Grand Prize: $150 via Amazon gift card via Invest It Wisely
#2 $30 via PayPal via How To Save Money
#3 Magazine subscription (up to $30) via The Amateur Financier
#4 $25 Amazon gift card via Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance
#5 $25 Amazon gift card via Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
#6 Autographed copy of Control Your Cash + Kindle version. via Control Your Cash
#7 $25 Amazon gift card via KNS Financial
#8 $25 via PayPal via Maximizing Money
#9 $25 Amazon gift card via Prairie EcoThrifter
#10 $15 Amazon gift card via Bucksome Boomer
#11 $15 Amazon gift card via Squirrelers
#12 $15 Amazon gift card via Wealth Informatics
#13 $10 Amazon gift card via My Personal Finance Journey
#14 $10 Starbucks gift card via Cents to Save
#15 $10 Amazon gift card The Saved Quarter

How To Join

Enter at least one of the following methods:

  • Subscribe in a reader (1 point)
  • Subscribe via email (2 points)
  • Retweet this or another article from the site (use the Share/Save button found in each post) (2 points)
  • Add Invest It Wisely to your blogroll (2 points)
  • Link to one of their favorite articles from your blog. (3 points)

After this, fill up the form on their contest post (click the link at the end of this blog post).

Contest ends on April 16, 2011. 15 winners will be chosen randomly.

Contest Page:


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