Contest: Win Starbucks 2011 Planners from NomNom Club

November 28, 2010 at 3:00 pm Contests, Philippines

Philippine contest

Here’s another chance for you to get a free 2011 Starbucks Planner. This time it’s who is giving them away as prizes.

How To Join

There are two ways

Share Your Christmas Story Write-Up Contest Mechanics (For the Writer In You)

  1. Write and share a story in your blog with the theme of “Sharing this Christmas Season
    — Your story should be within the length of 150 words to 350 words only.
    — Either in the first or last paragraph, your story should mention the set of words “pinoy food recipes” which links to  “”.
  2. Post about this contest in your Facebook wall with
    — A link of this blogpost (  and
    —  A tag of ‘@NomNom Club‘ Facebook Fanpage. Type “@” so your wall post will appear on NomNomClub FB page ( ).
    —  Make sure your FB share setting is for “Everyone
  3. One entry per person only.
  4. Post the link of your blogpost on the comment section below.
  5. Criteria
    * Creativity of Story – 25%
    * Awesomeness / Impact – 20%
    * Originality – 20%
    * Relevance to  Theme – 20%
    * Grammar and Technicalities – 15%

Share Your Christmas Photo Mechanics (for the social media celebrity in you)

  1. Post any of your Christmas photo at Share Your Christmas Photo with (NomNom Club album) in Facebook.
  2. Post about this contest in your Facebook wall with
      — a link of this blog post ( )  and
      — Make sure your FB share setting is for “Everyone
  3. Photo should be captioned with “Two Starbucks Planner 2011 Contest – Join & Win! Click” Check this example.
  4. The FB Photo entry with the most number of comments by December 15, 2010 wins.
  5. One entry per person only. Fictitious FB accounts will be disqualified.
  6. This last one is not required, but if you do this, you get an automatic +5 comment points: participants should place a relevant comment  in this article – Place the link of your comment (of the Digital Manila article ) as the first comment of your photo entry in FB. To get the URL link of your Digital Manila comment, simply click on the ‘time link‘ beside your name.

Winners in both contests can choose which of the three Starbucks Planner variants they want from the Maroon Velvet FabricCool Clean Stainless Steel, and Stained Stained Dark Wood Panels. Prizes will be couriered to anywhere in the Philippines with a valid address.

Contest Page:

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