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June 30, 2010 at 3:00 pm Advice

This guest post is from, a personal finance blog run by a Pinay who lives in Silicon Valley.


Here’s a little break from online contests here at How about some ideas on how to make money through other means? We have some other diverse ideas on how to earn online and how to keep more of that money in your pockets. This article will show you some ways to save on your purchases using online coupons, and even how to budget your earnings or winnings.

How to Earn Online:

There are several kinds of online income sources, actually:

  1. Active income: Either an online job, or an online sales business, or other income sources that would need you to actively work for your compensation.
  2. Passive income: Earn through being paid for the rent of ad space on your blog or website, such as Google Adsense/Nuffnang/Project Wonderful. You can also try being paid for submitting content to information sites like Associated Content, HubPages or for your photos on You can also sell all sorts of artwork at, or even books and other items on, or other websites that allow you to sell your own work online. The promotion and sales are up to you, however.
  3. Fun income sources: There are income sources that would allow you to have fun even as you earn money. Sites like or, or those that offer payment for the promotion of websites on your Twitter or Facebook account are good options for this type of income generation. This moneymaking system is good for overworked employees who’d just like to make some money when they get home and as they relax online.

It all boils down to your lifestyle. What can you afford to do with your time? What are the things you are willing to invest time, and even money on? What do you prefer doing with your spare time?

Now when you’ve been compensated for your efforts, it’s time to decide whether you should save your earnings in savings accounts, or if you’re going to spend the extra income. When you spend what you’ve earned over and above your salary, make sure you spend it wisely. You can expand your purchasing power when you choose to use online coupons when you buy.

You can try these coupons on for size:

Now when all that is said and done, you would have to come to terms with the fact that you need a budget. Try MSN Money’s 50/30/20 proportion:

  • 50 % of your income goes to your needs
  • 30% of your income goes to your wants
  • 20% of your income goes to your savings.

When you’ve apportioned your income accordingly, you’ll be able to manage your money, including your online earnings and winnings, more responsibly. Yes, it may be fun to spend all the cash you earned on shopping, or by picking up one more expensive toy, or on booze and friends; but 10 years from now, you may regret that choice. So make wiser decisions today, and see your nest egg grow, using not only your salary, but even your online earnings and winnings as well!

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