On contests and their trustworthiness a.k.a. Sagar Rai the scammer

February 10, 2010 at 2:02 pm Advice

Awhile back, I blogged about a contest by a certain Sagar Rai. It looked good, legit and the prizes were great so I joined. Since I was subscribed to his to his RSS feed, I found out that I won 5th place when he posted to winners to his contest. I replied to that blog post and asked what I should do. I didn’t wait for a notification email since I was excited with my prizes. He replied that I should email datryan@gmail.com so I did. After days of not getting any replies, I emailed again. I never received a reply so I emailed using another email account but that didn’t work either. Then I learned that the website http://sagarrai.com was shutting down. This Sagar Rai claimed that the website was bought by somebody else and will change ownership. I doubt it’s true. Who in their right mind will buy that website unless that person’s name is Sagar Rai as well?! This Sagar also owns http://premiumwpthemes.in/ and I left a comment there and just as I expected, my comment was never published nor was I ever contacted.

Just who is this Sagar Rai? According to PremiumWPThemes.in‘s About section:

PremiumWPThemes.in is founded by Sagar Rai a 21-years old E&C Engineer student as well as self employed Web Designer, Logo Designer, SEO Marketer, Blogger based in India.

Sagar Rai the scammer should be very well aware of karma. Not getting my prizes is not really a loss for me since I didn’t shell out money. I only lost a few hours doing the contest tasks. However, Sagar Rai’s reputation is now sullied and just from a contest so his blog will have more incoming links.

I am sharing this with you, my readers, so that you will know the risks when joining contests. Keep on joining contests. Don’t let experiences like this stop you. However, be very wary if a contest organizer is asking for money. Only shell out cash if you are 100% sure that the organizer is trustworthy (Natinal Geographic, Amazon, or airlines for example). There aren’t many contest scammers but there are a few rotten apples like this Sagar Rai guy. Just keep on hoping that you will win and that the contest is legitimate.

If you have been duped by Sagar Rai the scammer or anybody else, please share your experience here so we will learn.

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