How to update Twitter and Plurk via SMS for free

November 16, 2009 at 10:16 pm Advice

With the proliferation of unlimited SMS services in the Philippine market, we have the opportunity to update our Twitter and Plurk statuses for free. Here are two services which will let you do it.


GladyCast allows users to update their Twitter and/or Plurk status via SMS. They initially offered their services to Singapore and Malaysia residents but they just recently added Philippines to their list. Right now, we can only use their Smart gateway but maybe they will have Sun and Globe in the near future.

In order to use GladyCast, you have to register first by connecting your Twitter and/or Plurk to Gladycast. You will then be asked to SMS a message to a Smart number. After that, you may update as much as you want.


Tweetitow is a progressive service. Users can update their Twitter status AND receive replies. Currently, they are trying to integrate MMS, and posterous updates to their services. Tweetitow has gateways for Smart, Globe and Sun so users with unlimited SMS services can take advantage of this. New users will be given 30 free credits for signing upand those credits are consumed when you receive replies on your phone. Sending updates will have no effect on the credits.

To register, text REG username password to your gateway number (globe: 0927-338-9183, smart: 0928-102-0579, sun: 0923-986-0673).

If you know of another service similar to GladyCast and Tweetitow, please let me know.

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