Contest: Create a theme to win publicity and $100

September 16, 2009 at 9:00 am Contests

BV Commerce is a hosting service for small businesses who want to have e-commerce. They are looking for web artists who can create a theme for Shopping Cart. The top 5 designs will each receive $100 and will be included as “Featured Themes” on BV Commerce.


  1. Go to and create a store and your new design. Instructions for making themes is here. There will be no charge for the store.
  2. Designers may submit more than 1 design.
  3. The designer must also blog, facebook or tweet about the contest at least once.
  4. Themes must be original.
  5. The designer must own the copyright to any graphics or images used.
  6. Themes should be optimized for size and tested for compatibility with IE7+, Firefox, Safari and Chrome web browsers.
  7. The designer should comment here with a link to the blog post, tweet, or facebook.

Some theme ideas the designer can use: Clothing/Fashion Stores, Toys and Games, Sports, Computer/Technology, Music/Bands, Food/Restaurant, Children/Education, Beauty, and Automotive.

Visit the Deadline for submissions is on October 31, 2009. Good luck!

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